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Oktoberfest Case (4 x 440ml Beers)

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Cloudwater Brew Co // Schwarzbier 5.4%

Cloudwater Brew Co. // Hopfenweisse 6.0%

Cloudwater Brew Co. // Marzen 5.3%

Cloudwater Brew Co. // Weissebier

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Cloudwater Brew Co // Schwarzbier 5.4%

Schwarzbier is one of the longest-standing beer styles in continental Europe, it’s roots being traced back to the medieval period.

A classic dark lager, it balances rich, roasty flavours of coffee and chocolate with a dry finish and restrained hop bitterness.


Cloudwater Brew Co. // Hopfenweisse 6.0%

Where Weissbier meets IPA.

Our original forays into Hopfenweisse were inspired by the legendary collaboration between Schneider Weisse and Brooklyn but it’s a style we’ve now become synonymous with.

We adore the interplay between fruity, modern hops, aromatic yeast and a smooth, creamy body.


Cloudwater Brew Co. // Marzen 5.3%

Traditionally brewed during March and lagered throughout the summer months, Märzen is a rich, elegant amber lager that’s become synonymous with Oktoberfest.

Its deep, complex malt expression is accentuated by delicate hopping, and a clean, dry finish ensures effortless drinkability.


Cloudwater Brew Co. // Weissebier

Weissbier originated in 15th century Bavaria but is now celebrated the world over as a distinctive German classic.

Creamy and smooth yet always effortlessly drinkable, it’s a fabulously aromatic style, blending notes of banana and clove with bright citrus, white bread and vanilla.

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