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Tooth & Claw is a collective of Camerons employees dedicated to producing a range of innovative beer styles.

Made up of passionate craft beer fans & brewing experts, we have creative freedom to produce a selection of awesome beers.

Using our small pilot brewery we aim to brew over 40 different gyles a year, created by the various members of the Tooth & Claw team.

We package only a selection of these as limited edition runs so everyone can share our passion.

We LOVE what we do…WE LOVE BEER. Who wouldn’t want to do what we do?


I find the best ideas are born from having a chat with friends over a few beers.

My Nelson VPA (very pale ale) idea came after a conversation with fellow Master Brewer Chris Deakin about brewing a beer no one else had done.

We loved the idea of creating a white wine coloured style beer so we began working on a recipe for this. In order to get the super low colour brew we used very pale malt, rice and sugar.

We agreed from the offset to use Nelson Sauvin hops to give the delicious gooseberry flavour and we coupled this with fellow New Zealand hop Rakau to add a tropical aroma and taste.

Paul GrahamMaster Brewer

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